Human Resources


1.Office environment: spacious, bright, overlooking the sea of high-grade office buildings, simple interpersonal relationships, good team atmosphere;

2.Working hours: 7.5 hours a day, enjoy the national legal holidays;

3.Social insurance: medical insurance for all employees (pension, medical, work injury, unemployment, maternity);

4.Training promotion: pay attention to the training and development of staff, provide pre job training and guidance, to teach the experience, let you go beyond the self;

5.Tourism benefits: to provide domestic and foreign tourism for all employees;

6.Daily benefits: perennial uninterrupted free snacks, such as all kinds of fruits, tea, milk cereal, bread biscuits and other food, while providing all kinds of basic free drugs;

7.Other benefits: 1-3 annual salary adjustment, related jobs, transportation fees, charges subsidies, holiday Mid Autumn Festival dinner, year-end bonus, year-end party, WeChat opener, grab a red envelope and so on.

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