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●Foreign trade salesman
Job Responsibilities & Requirements:
1.Understand the development trend of the industry, familiar with the development trend of the company's core products, product characteristics, determine the product market;
2.Be able to find out the customer's needs through the exhibition, Internet and other channels, and make the order;
3.Responsible for the order of production, data collection and so on;
4.Other tasks assigned by superior.
Job requirements:
1.College degree or above, male or female, major in China World Trade Center or english;
2.At least 1 years working experience in foreign trade, foreign trade experience is preferred;
3.Good at developing new customers and strong customer relationship skills;
4.Good verbal and negotiation skills, good resistance to pressure;

●Fitting model(part time)
Job Responsibilities & Requirements:
1.With the designer to try on the sample clothes, and provide advice on the test;
2.Fitting category is more extensive, underwear, coats and other categories involving women's clothing;
Job requirements:
1.Height of about 160-165cm, body symmetry, bust: 86-88cm, waist: 65-70cm, hip circumference: 88-92cm;
2.The work is temporary, best can call, Guanyin Mountain nearby is preferred;
3.Fitting time is about 30-60 minutes;
4.Only women, aged 20-28 years old.

●Taobao customer service
Job Responsibilities & Requirements:
1.Through Taobao Wangwang, QQ, online quickly and accurately respond to customer inquiries, answer customer questions;
2.Initiative to recommend products to customers, promote customer orders;
3.Check order information and customer information to ensure the accuracy of the data;
4.Timely order information into the data system to ensure timely delivery;
5.Other assignment.
Job requirements:
1.Typing speed of 50 words per minute;
2.Active learning awareness and practical ability;
3.Strong affinity, cheerful personality, work patience;
4.To adapt to the liner in the morning and evening class;
5.Have buy sales experience is preferred.
6.To be engaged in taobao customer service experience is preferred.
job qualification
1.Technical secondary school or above, male or female;
2.Interested in Internet business, love network marketing;
3.Proficiency in computer and communication tools, good communication skills;
4.Familiar with office software;
5.Language ability, clear thinking, quick response;
6.Strong sense of service, careful, responsible, strong sense of teamwork;

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